Our mission is to bring people together in meaningful experiences through the art of dance and movement.


Our vision is that all people will engage with dance and other movement arts to expand and deepen the human experience.


At Local Motion Project, we strive to elevate dance in Alexandria through education, participation, and observation. We believe in the power that collective movement experiences can have on well-being, and we center dance as a means for expression, connection, and human understanding. Founded in 2016 as a youth dance program, we have grown to provide programming for youth and adults alike.


Dance has the ability to share stories, bring communities together, and create spaces for multiple perspectives to be heard and seen. We are committed to sharing these opportunities with Alexandrians of all backgrounds and encouraging people of all ages to find movement they love.





Our adult dance ensemble is comprised of a diverse group of women in various stages of life, both personally and professionally. The ensemble work is rooted in a passion for creating live art in which artists’ ideas are integral to the work. Giving women a voice in later stages of life and a place to be creative is one of our values as we expand the idea of who gets to dance.



Our youth dance ensemble is comprised of dancers aged 9-14 who are students at the Local Motion Project Movement Arts Center. This ensemble embodies the progressive, comprehensive, and collaborative approach of the curriculum of the dance school, while challenging dancers to find new ways to express themselves and go deeper into their training.


Our dance integration program annually serves 500 students in Alexandria City Public Schools in grades K-5. Dance integration is an approach to teaching in which students demonstrate understanding of classroom curriculum through dance making. It engages all students including English Language Learners and students with special needs. Teachers participate in all parts of the program and receive continuing education credits for recertification.


Thanks to the generous support of RunningBrooke and individual donors, we are able to provide 1:1 funding to bring dance integration to ACPS elementary schools.

For more information on brining dance integration to your school, contact Kylie Murray at kmurray@localmotionproject.org.


Youth Parties

Creative Dance Party
Join us for a creative dance class followed by cupcakes! Independent class for ages 4 and older. Caregiver class for age 3 with one adult per child.
$345 – 16 children maximum


Kids Aerial Birthday Parties
Give your kids and their friends the gift of flight and enjoy cake in the lobby afterwards. For ages 9 and up.
$345 – 9 children maximum


Girl Scout Badge Classes
We welcome you into the dance studio! Earn your Dancer Badge by learning a dancer’s warm-up, trying out new dance moves, and creating your own dance with your friends!
$150 – 15 children maximum

Rehearsal Rentals

Our studio space is 1000 sq. ft. with padded wood flooring, a marley floor covering and equipped with 1 mirror wall, ballet barre, and sound system.


Rates per hour:
Group Rate: $50
Nonprofit Group Rate: $30
Individual Practice Rate: $25


 All rentals require a Local Motion Project Rental Agreement.

Private Aerial Classes

Aerial classes are a great way to spend time with friends or co-workers. Contact us for more information.

For more information on rehearsal rentals, parties, and special events contact Sarah Craig at scraig@localmotionproject.org.

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