Sitara Nadiya Mahmood has been practicing yoga asana for over 12 years. Nadiya received her 200 Hour CYT in Costa Rica in 2016 at the Marianne Wells Yoga School. She teaches different styles including flow and Vinyasa classes. Nadiya enjoys practicing power yoga and Rocket yoga on her own time. She prides herself on incorporating more movement into her classes then the typical flow class and she likes to introduce a few postures that challenge each student. She also makes sure that her class is available to students of all skill levels from beginner to intermediate and advanced students are welcomed as well.

“I like to make sure all my clients feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. Maybe you wont be able to get a certain posture today, but if you continue to practice, one day you may be able to get that pose. Make the goal to be consistent, not to get to a certain destination.”